Friday, March 11, 2011

"Aion" captains over thousands of weapons hidden task Ou Bisi Raiders

Note that this task was Barney temperature than 50 weapons and more simple, you can sum up a total of 10.

1. In addition to apply for a permit in addition to large

2. In a hostile race I got to No. 48 to establish two

3. Large (50) account under the train for the same family of small 45

4.45 small fortress soldiers every day to brush the lower two hostile races to No. 1 and other soldiers feed

5. 2 1 and every 6 hours to return to the large size on OBS, can do more than 3 times a day, large harvest day at least 5,6 W OBS

6.45 trumpet with the family as long as four other soldiers and keep the brush every day Fortress 2 hours or so soldiers can guarantee an equal sign can not afford to and so the two hostile

7. Adhere to the above operation for 10 days, large on 60WOBS - General

8. The number of hostile sold two (or a day rate 6W continue to change out all the critical comments of armor)

9. To sell the money to buy gold medal

10. Enchant weapons chief captain to complete the task

PS: This hidden task Barney temperature than 50 weapons were lost more than half of the task less difficult

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sail a meteoric rise through media and public relations

Prior to the Sail, the domestic one hundred thousand yuan car was still a blank. Then find the entry point of Shanghai GM, have not yet listed in the Sail before the power of public relations with news and put Sail "100,000 yuan family sedan" concept speculation including women and children, so that the consumer has not met before then Sail has been firmly established. And did not put a penny in advertising Sail the case, orders had already exceeded 16,000 copies, and on the rise. One year after listing, Sail Series car has broken 50,000 sales, became the first listed year sales of more than 50,000 car brand, has created a legend in the automotive industry.

Made such a big success, according to general business operation of the law will cost several hundred thousand dollars of funding, in order to obtain such good results. Shanghai GM in the early stage but only spent a few news public relations, cleverly using the media on the strength and power of its own brand cars will be this early into the market economy, resulting in a strong market to the effect, a "blowout "type of purchase. This effect is Shanghai GM has experienced up to 8 months after the public relations activities reached.

October 24, 2000 - debut Industry Fair

Sail choose "Second Shanghai International Industry Fair" for the first appearance, can be described as well-prepared and carefully choose the timing of the common results.

"The Second Shanghai International Industry Fair" is certainly a gathering parties, especially the media attention of the opportunity. When he learned and the main work has been concerned about the auto industry's original Vice Premier Wu Bangguo to attend the opening ceremony of the news industry fair, the exhibitors Sail decision.

Shanghai GM in a very short period of time to complete a lot of preparatory work. An article entitled "Opening up new horizons and experience new life, set new standards - Shanghai GM car off the assembly line 'Sail' compact car," the press release was quickly passed, and initially published the "basic Type 10 dollars" Prices and configurations; prepared enough press releases and photos. Shanghai Industry Fair opening day, seems to have been "sudden" appearance of Sail news, instant spread north and south river, very shocking price and beautiful products that Ai Chezu appearance suddenly excited, Sail 1:00 into the day the talk of all exhibitors. Many people took the day's newspapers to look at Sail Expo special. Throughout the show, almost every day Sail the talk focused on various media.

October 2000 to 12 months - Sail test report

Sail off the assembly line to the market from the period, the reader desire to make the information on the Sail Sail coverage for many important tasks of the media. To this end, first invited a group of general domestic authority to Shanghai Automotive News reported test drive, road From Shanghai to Zhouzhuang Water Village to experience the Sail in performance under actual road conditions. Sail power during test performance and excellent handling characteristics, make these cars into the home over the years has been advocating for veterans and remember their excitement.

Shanghai GM also according to the characteristics of different media, prepared for their various testing programs, these categories include: professional automotive press magazines; mass media (including print and television class category).

Professional automotive press and magazines, usually require professional in-depth Sail to compare test drive, especially to large amounts of data, and because test items are more professional, and facilities on the site very demanding; plane mass media are more focused common owners of the Sail direct experience, these feelings are more perceptual knowledge, while the mass media also requested information of news tips and pictures; the TV media will have to through the lens of language television audience for the performance of the Sail of performance, to consider the beauty and vivid picture, and to avoid lengthy single lens, so the choice of venue also receives special attention. Besides, given the limited shooting time, but also need a video in advance to help provide more information.

All the preparations put in place, so the media reports on the Sail of the evaluation test are high, collected close to 20 test reports, articles, eye-catching headlines, the reader has a great appeal to a very good the spreading effect.

December 12, 2000 - Sail offline

Sail debut as the great success achieved in the Sail before the official off the assembly line, many of the Sail of the topic has become the focus of media attention or debate. Such as the price is how to make out? Configured correctly? Sail with the competitors and even the time off the assembly line has so.

In the line-off ceremony, the first show is a video of street interviews, to all the participants left a deep impression. This video is based on real street interviews and market research produced, which included respondents from private enterprise owners, professors, young lovers, white-collar workers, young women, family of three, people from Taiwan and other areas; issue covers the public family car price, configuration, appearance, expected time of the views of the car.

In the news before the official release, the first foreign journalists to listen to this variety of opinions from the public. Press conference, Shanghai GM and honest answers to several questions raised by the media. After the press conference, general arrangement of all press groups to visit Shanghai General Motors most advanced flexible production line, so that journalists and others witnessed the Buick Sail sedan share the same advanced automatic production lines. And to all aspects of video information available to local stations as the material used, played a very good effect.

Through this public relations activities, Sail pricing and configuration information once again, the public and the media recognition and acceptance, while Shanghai General Motors, "customer-centered" concept has been further empirical and deepened.

March 2001 - media test

Sail off the assembly line, the preliminary announcement of the first half of 2001 market timing. In general, the new car in off the assembly line six months to a year after the required time to carry out trial production and testing, and gradually improve the quality and yield. However, after the Spring Festival in 2001, some public opinion Sail with some assembly production models than the proposed "Sail why the delay in listing" question.

Although some media had also tested Sail, and published test report, but still can not meet the information needs of public Sail. Therefore, Shanghai GM decided to organize a large-scale media test activities, use of more concentrated news effect, the public through the media to obtain more detailed information on Sail performance.

Before trial in the media, general-purpose first invited some media representatives, interviewed responsible for Sail to improve and redesign the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center's general manager and is responsible for moving and assembly Sail designers, from a professional point of view of trying to R & D process and Sail Sail performance, doing a more comprehensive and authoritative comment.

Meanwhile, in the media before the official test, general knowledge, invited to a special training of specialists in car, so too a car more than two hours of media lectures, detailed presentation from the engine and powertrain to the airbag, ABS and Sail typical improvement projects and other areas of knowledge. So that media representatives in the performance of the actual experience of Sail before the master key of theoretical knowledge, and test Xiangying card.

The PR campaign has been focusing on the authority of experts, the respondents highlighted the role of expert power by correcting some of the better public lack of understanding of the inherent production pattern of auto generated some misunderstandings. At the same time representatives of the media from both theoretical and practical aspects of practical experience of the Sail and excellent improvements made to the performance, played a role in the spread is expected.

April 3, 2001 ~ 6 - Beijing International Fair

Sail in the Beijing International Exhibition on debut, was the first to leave Shanghai Sail displayed in different places. In particular, the special is: The exhibition on display Sail only one product is a single appearance Sail; new army of domestic family cars all in place, same stage, including Xiali 2000, SAIC Chery, Chang'an antelope, South Ingle, Hainan Mazda, Geely and the U.S. and Japan; Beijing is the country where the highest concentration of the media, a huge influence.

Therefore, Shanghai GM was able to pass the "Beijing test" to do the preparatory work is particularly full. Opening day in the morning, the capital importance of the media are on the Shanghai General Motors marketing conducted interviews, and more than 30 interviews with the media collective. In the interview, GM Sail highlighted the improvements made and outstanding cost performance.

Meanwhile, due to their superior appearance and Sail strong news effects, the scene in the exhibition can be said to the audience waves, causing the organizers had sent armed police to maintain programs. The exhibition, Sail Expo has become the brightest highlights North, and other parts of the models formed a strong contrast.

March 2001 ~ June - National Parade

From March 2001 to June's "Let's control, a total experience - Buick family will test the" national tour event, the Buick Sail to participate in family activities in the national test, after 30 cities, almost a week to go 2 to 3 the density of cities. In this event, Sail parade the country, face to face with the national media and user exchange, accept their gossiping. Sail around public witness satisfy the strong desire to make final preparations for the listing. Proved that the face to face communication to help the public with more accurate understanding of Sail, to avoid too high or too low expectations of the evaluation, so that more appropriately Sail market position.

In March 2001 to June's "Let master, total experience - Buick family will test the" national tour event, the Buick Sail to participate in family activities in the national test, after 30 cities, almost every week to 2 3 the density of cities. In this event, Sail parade the country, face to face with the national media and user exchange, accept their gossiping. Sail around public witness satisfy the strong desire to make final preparations for the listing. Proved that the face to face communication to help the public with more accurate understanding of Sail, to avoid too high or too low expectations of the evaluation, so that more appropriately Sail market position.

June 8, 2001 - Sail Listing

After six months of pre-trial production - pre-production - the official production process, the Sail set June 8, 2001 time to market. Before that, the media has been on the Sail's price, availability and number of the first to do a variety of market speculation, the formation of a strong public expectations psychological. Sail across the country will be due at the same time, so it is fully mobilized Shanghai GM, GM dealers across the force, in advance of the full disclosure of information and listing of the program of activities to prepare.

After six months of pre-trial production - pre-production - the official production process, the Sail set June 8, 2001 time to market. Before that, the media has been on the Sail's price, availability and number of the first to do a variety of market speculation, the formation of a strong public expectations psychological. Sail across the country will be due at the same time, so it is fully mobilized Shanghai GM, GM dealers across the force, in advance of the full disclosure of information and listing of the program of activities to prepare.

The Sail to be listed on the message, including: market pricing, commitment; to reliable products and services to consumers, emphasizing the improvement after six months and trial production, Sail in strict accordance with Shanghai General Motors launched the new product process After a "pre-trial production - pre-production - the official production - listing" stringent manufacturing and audit processes, reliable quality and service.

June 1, Shanghai General Motors first announced the price of Sail three different configurations, and published on June 8 in the market. The title of press release as: "keep the price commitment to provide reliable service, Sail training listed six internal strength in June from the country," clearly and fully express the desired message. This press release promptly answered previously listed for Sail speculation, and greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the media and the public. Meanwhile, three different configurations of the price of Sail publication, highlighted in the line-off ceremony, the Shanghai General Motors on the commitments made in the cash price.

June 8, Sail On that day, around the major media are thus doing a detailed follow-up reports. Prior to Shanghai General Motors dealers have the same parts of the first owners of the data collection and complete, greatly helped by the media work. Day, the situation around quickly back to the Shanghai market, in the parts listing, pictures and content of the owners surveyed, these information has been sent to journalists from around the hands, to help them more comprehensive understanding of the Sail listing picture, and provides a lot of news tips and material.

June 18, 2001 ~ 24 - Shanghai International Auto Show

The biennial Shanghai International Auto Show, is a listing of public relations planning Sail the last link, from October 24, 2000 debut, happens to be 8 months time. Buick with this show "Buick meet every family" theme, Sail and Buick cars, as well as other multi-station wagon with official business, to invite more than 100 media representatives attended the meeting shows the family of a different Buick clearly defined. So far, Sail listing end.

Successful planning both fame and fortune

Sail the whole process of market planning can be said that the domestic car brand building to create several records: last 8 months, the long time span is very rare; In the process, received thousands of press clippings Sail Almost all the country's media (professional too, except the media industry) have referred to the Sail; the promotion process, a total of more than 600 journalists contacted; written and issued 12 press releases, news highlights previous a propaganda theme. Sail successfully laid the basic definition of family cars in China, ended after several years of discussion about the big family cars, and to "pay attention to safety" and "focus on cost performance" has become the consensus of the same company. 8 months-long process, Sail has always been at the center of the media and public attention. In this case, the advantages and disadvantages of Sail will no doubt be amplified exponentially. How to convey to the public a real credible Sail, and to help this young family car brand quickly became the leading brand in China, so the idea of Sail advocate for the public and peer acceptance, indeed a great challenge to the universal order.

In this case, the general feel PR should be a corporate product strategy and marketing strategy, an integral part of policy requires the rigorous and careful, precise implementation and co-operation in various sectors. Different stages of information collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of the success of the public relations is also important, although through clever planning can quickly attract the attention of the public, but general are more willing to point out that: to understand and think carefully prepared general message; maintain smooth flow of information media and the public communication channels; rapid response and timely adjust the established strategy and public relations steps, is the key to successful public relations Sail market, but also closer to public relations is all about.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Housekeeper" at your fingertips "groom" first to "trial marriage"

Anxious to get rid of "bachelor" cap - "housekeeper" at your fingertips "groom" first to "trial marriage"

Recently, famous SME management software vendor announced the launch of the housekeeper, finance and trade, wealth and the wind took 90 days "trial marriage" Great action, more than 60 cities across the country held a "duel to get married," and invited the country nearly ten thousand small and medium enterprises free of charge to its flagship product " the housekeeper, "Finance and Trade, wealth and intimate contact. Activities upon release, that being "groom" in hot pursuit of nearly a thousand business by phone, Internet and other means first to "rush marriage."
It is reported that from December 5, the participation of "trial marriage" and the wind took as long as the SMEs and the use of proxy signed agreement to pay a small deposit, will receive a free "" housekeeper, "Finance and Trade, wealth +" official version of product In the next three months free use of the software functions without any restrictions. At the same time the wind took will also provide complete "principal wife" class treatment: including the implementation of free consulting, user training and system maintenance. After the "honeymoon" period of study run-in, if desired, prospective groom can also significantly lower than the conventional amount of "cash gifts" formally married the finance and trade, wealth and a beautiful wife to go home, and during the trial marriage for all data and information intact .
From ignorance to be married into the hall, the other for both men and women really has been a unknown. Coupled with the current market the business, financial integration, software, gifts are usually higher, blind "dating" will bring greater business risk, the temerity to "marriage" is even more unpredictable consequences for many businesses account are prohibitive.
Trial Marriage is a stylish solution can eliminate many prospective groom concerns, reduce total cost of ownership of marriage. Through trial marriage, corporate financial officers can make use of the housekeeper, this business + finance and trade, wealth and standards of financial accounting integration software from the heavy work, freed from the boring accounting financial easily jump to a more proactive management of finance, then do auxiliary operations, forecast business opportunities.
According to "master of" the wind took revealed that the trial marriage event is expected to none other 40 million yuan, will attract more than 10,000 applications for SMEs, as they enhance the "family financial management capacity" to provide immediate help.
More information, visit:

The wind took Software Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is the founder of SME management software and leaders. The wind took always focused on small and medium information, a simple, practical, common, close to the situation of SMEs management software is the wind took Trump, owns the "housekeeper", "thousands of square 100," " the wind took "dozens of products and other brands, successfully several million domestic and overseas SMEs to provide information solutions, covering financial products, Invoicing, ERP, CRM and OA and so on.
In early 1996, the wind took launched the "housekeeper" software, which creates management software in the history of China's three first: the first Invoicing financial integration, the first specifically designed for SMEs, the first one to raise financial fool. Over the years, "housekeeper" fully appropriate to national conditions of China, and a simple, practical user features were widely recognized as a synonym for Chinese SMEs management software.
In 1999, follow the Internet trend of the times, the wind took launched a completely Internet-based e-business solutions for SMEs: the wind took Distribution ERP, CRM, OA, and HR.
In 2000, the wind took for the SME market segment, introduced a high-impact information solutions to the pharmaceutical industry - "one hundred thousand square medical management system", the system has been named the China Software Industry Association " 2002 recommending outstanding software. "
The wind took the country has established more than 20 branches and over relying on software sales and professional service providers set up thousands of sales and service network. Over the years, the wind took the market by virtue of the unique creative vision and daring spirit of enterprise, small to large, from weak to strong, and constantly go beyond the every once in their previous competitors.

"Housekeeper" of finance and trade, wealth and Introduction
Housekeeper, finance and trade, wealth is used for business + finance staff standard financial integration software. Applicable to financial accounting dependence on relatively high, a high degree of attention to inventory management, according to Accounting Treatment in the professional accounting standards for SMEs. Invoicing of the software-based, core financial accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, accounts, treasury, fixed assets, salaries and other management functions into one, which can effectively realize the business activities of enterprises and control tracking, to help SMEs to achieve a comprehensive financial accounting and business management.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Qualcomm CEO: WiMax 3G will compete in the face of setbacks

November 10, according to foreign reports, Qualcomm CEO Paul - Jacob (Paul Jacobs), said alternative wireless Internet access technology WiMax in 3G will be difficult before the competition.

Jacobs criticized the current version of WiMax technology to provide connectivity and services to the poor quality. He pointed out that South Korean version of WiMax technology WiBro is a commercial failure.

Jacob pointed out, AT & T and other companies use WCDMA 3G technology to provide faster Internet connection.

Qualcomm president Steve - Altman (Steve Altman), said between Qualcomm and Nokia's patent lack of progress in the negotiations. The two companies are still studying the terms of technology cross-license license. Nokia asked for more favorable terms. Altman, said the two companies have many legal conflicts.

Qualcomm Chief Financial Officer Bill - Kettle (Bill Keitel), said he expects Qualcomm in 2008, the average gross profit margin will reach 69%. Keitel said that high earnings through the last few years the results have exceeded expectations. Qualcomm made this time is expected to make financial analysts disappointed. Keitel said the lower forecast was mainly due to disputes between Nokia result in the loss of licensing revenue from Nokia.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Help people start their own businesses

Earlier this year, a man named "Henan Business Network" users of the portal in the quietly popular, founded the site in Henan University of senior students Huang division, apart from their own businesses, but also recruited 15 university graduates . One in college students is how to take the road of entrepreneurship? Why does he have to recruit university graduates with no experience?

From the familiar to create web computer

When in high school, yellow on the computer division had a special interest, to install computer software, download, Internet and other technologies, he nothing is fine. September 2001, he was admitted to Henan University of Technology, outgoing personality that he soon found himself at the university's position, especially familiar with the computer, making him a primary and secondary students to famous "computer." This undoubtedly made him feel "Gone with the Wind," and even feel "omnipotent."

Suddenly one day, a teacher found him and asked him if he would not do websites, yellow dumbfounded under this division, though he is through in terms of hardware, can make the site thing has never come into contact with, looking at teacher disappointed to leave, he decided he must learn how to do websites. Great look semester, all the bubbles of his spare time to the library, find the book from the computer knowledge to do the site bit by bit and soon mastered the basics of Web site production technology. In order to hand at first to help his students to do personal home page, accumulate much more experience, they try to imitate a professional website, make the first website when he told the students he doing, the students were surprised : "No! do you do?

Do site Laode pot of gold

"One day, a classmate pulled him in front of a company's boss," This is my classmate Huang division, you can do to help your company website. "40-year-old boss who is very happy and said if it is done, reward certainly indispensable.

At this point, Wong has spent the entire division, although their website has the experience to do, I did not expect so soon into "combat", can not help some hesitation, to do or not? Compensation can be done can be bad if they do, live up to the students how to do their own trust? After all, a novice with an aggressive, he firmly promised down: "What am I afraid, ah, not done well again to do pictures." So he took the life of the first true business, has earned him The first reward.

See that the money was so easy, yellow heart of the division, if it could have been to do so can earn a lot of money is not it? Next, the school summer holidays, he gave up a relaxing holiday and the family and the opportunity to choose to stay in Zhengzhou to help enterprises make websites, is what this summer after him in further and further along the road to a good start.

Have their own website

2003 Nianxia semester, a pre-school found the yellow division, asked him to help make Web site.

When he dedicated website within one week to do a good job, the principal of the school after reading this very happy to find any details of the website are designed to be in place, psyche appreciated the students, can not help but said: "You Light to others do site, how do they start, do your own website? "

President's Message is getting the division began to reconsider his future. High school, he read the Tsinghua University student Qiu Hongyun and his music company, as the U.S. business story, and lit the torch of Qiu Hongyun business students left a deep impression. He knows it means for their business challenges. After market research, he founded the "Dance Site" come out, only one month to recover all operating costs, and has a large and stable customer base, achieved the original venture capital accumulation.

However, as the cause of an IT person full of passion, yellow is not satisfied with the division of this little success, to establish a more professional portal, can there be sustainability. After many research, he and several like-minded friends, began to design joint venture, "Yu-business network", and was officially registered in the company earlier this year. Taking into account the weak sense of Henan many businesses network, and thus missed many opportunities, he was the beginning of integration in Jianzhan a lot of social resources, free of charge to businesses to provide business news and product release can be considered a return to society.

Part time employees invariably

Huang division know as a college student's difficult to separate business, the company just a creation, he decided to give priority to recruit staff in recruiting university graduates. His idea was strongly opposed to a few shareholders: "Let not the slightest experience of university students to companies, first of all enterprises have to train them, but also bear the risk of students quit, which the company too risky!"

Huang division do not think so, he said: "The students just out of doing things and full of energy, can be difficult to make it difficult for them to display their employment talent and help more students, not only eased the employment pressure on the increasingly tense, but also allow university students The as. "He persuaded other shareholders to recruit a dozen university graduates, and now this team all the young, looks very energetic. He will lead this team to bigger sites to meet new challenges.

The Editor

No matter what kind of jobs held by the mentality of self-employment venture is bound to the orientation of future college students. However, the current situation in Henan, the students choose their own businesses in the total university graduates is still small. This is not only the students themselves understand the issues, but also lack of experience, financial and social support and the underlying causes. How to take measures to guide more college graduates embark on the road of their own businesses, ease employment pressure is one of the key points.

His former boss, to have a certain capital, the accumulation of experience.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jackie Chan and Jet Li's ad war

Recent water and soil often see in people eager to buy all kinds of Jackie Chan endorse the "King Anti-off shampoo."

Remember the day before yesterday in the supermarket and saw a Jet Li endorsement of "Suo Fute germinal fluid." Jet Li on the screen the warmth of holding Suofu Te, a representative of the Chinese martial arts star power of beauty and meaning of the name of goods rather female combination gives the visual impact can be imagined.

A student asked me how good Jackie Chan or Jet Li's Suofu Te Overlord good? I have not used no right to speak naturally. But I suggest that what he likes to star on the use to which the product endorsements.

Business on the two stars speak for long dispute, in the last century 96's, love and more companies in Guangdong 450W teeth pulled out the huge sums of money to get him perform a "has been working to" advertising drama, love How to sell products, we remember Jackie Chan's "Love many VCD, good effort." Jackie Chan to promote the love of many in the country under a sudden disdain. Jackie Chan also adhere to the film but myself can do attitude can not shake the supreme big brother.

Jet Li is also in the 96 years through a series of action films before laying a new generation of action film star status, especially Lee's orthodox interpretation of the lure of Chinese martial arts Chinese martial arts fully shown the power of beauty rather new style martial arts style, and Jackie Chan acrobatic style is very different indeed. Smart CEOs Duan Yongping backgammon see the commercial value inherent in Lee, then Lee officially joined the backgammon VCD ads produced and began advertising war and love and more, backgammon strategy can be said to be closely followed and compact portable , the Dare to be post-post in haste and then ad is outdone, a "backgammon VCD, real kung fu" to countless people remember the brand. The two companies battle in the crazy way of advertising killing and the final outcome is more love out of the market ended in failure, and backgammon is still the industry's top three.

Chan lost the contest in the first, at least the result is. Someone has to statistics, that Whenever Jackie Chan endorse the product die, and it seems this is a difficult to break fate. I remember last year, Jackie Chan endorse public caddy, do not know why spokesmen quickly replaced by someone else on. Jackie Chan is now joined by young idols led the industry endorsement of shampoo, do not know whether to break the destiny? Way from the endorsement of view, the merchants have chosen to use the testimony of Jackie Chan in a unique way to try to be on the market performance the outcome, is unknown.

Jet Li, the most impressive in recent years, it should be the endorsement of the "Qipai" Men. Years of continuous bombardment of advertising is still Lee play a major role, his commercial value can be said for all to see. The campaign in recent years compared to Jackie Chan endorse any product should be dominant victory.

With last year's "Fearless," the Reying, Lee's fame reached its peak, in this context, both the dignity of their endorsement is now Suofu Te shoes have hope of success, and the results we still do not know.

Jet Li Jackie Chan before the record although the latter two have the upper hand to do business of favor, but the endorsement of the products are considered different industries, and this kind of product that is two really compete with a known time.

The two come together the historical myth of the film will be released, right and wrong we will wait and see.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MS Proxy Usage (2)

Note the log records

Because the Web proxy as a sub-WWW Server service is running, you can turn off all the WWW to Web Proxy log and record all the connection information. Allow WWW record is redundant and will only unnecessarily consume hard disk space.

Speaking of hard disk space, note that when many people visit the Proxy Server, the log file will grow to very large size. This will result in each buffer from the Internet or create a record return of the object. WEB page can contain 5, 10 or more objects. Each visit a page like this will build a large number of log records. Worse, some customers receive an error in their data requests, will once again issued the same order, which will make the log files become very large. A better approach is to retain only a small part of the need to log the time, and you need to keep that part of the archive, if the hard disk where the log full of children, Proxy Server may stop operating.

Maintain a log will ensure that you as a webmaster for your company maintain a highly reliable environment. No log, the user may make your network Internet access to a halt, but you never know who or how cause this problem.

Database records

If you can access such as SQL Server or Access database engine, you can use the ODBC driver to make Proxy Server database engine to connect with those same log records. Records to the library's advantage is that data in a form easy to use and more compact way to store.

After the Proxy Server when installed, it will prompt you to install the ODBC driver. ACCESS interface with SQL and ODBC drivers available in conjunction with the Proxy Server. If the ODBC driver is already installed on your NT Server, and will no longer need to reinstall them. ODBC operates in a common format, the same is not against a number of software (except for its designed purpose-built database interface). ODBC is designed as a generic interface methods, so that applications can use it to open a database to read and write data, without knowing the data format of a specific database engine. Application can call the ODBC driver, ODBC drivers know how to use the database engine to execute the request for action.

Preparing the database

If you are prepared to use a database to record information on Proxy Server, the first thing to do is to prepare the database file to store data. Can be done through the database itself. This is a very simple way, building a file, set a good field, leave enough length to preserve any possible data.

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