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Help people start their own businesses

Earlier this year, a man named "Henan Business Network" users of the portal in the quietly popular, founded the site in Henan University of senior students Huang division, apart from their own businesses, but also recruited 15 university graduates . One in college students is how to take the road of entrepreneurship? Why does he have to recruit university graduates with no experience?

From the familiar to create web computer

When in high school, yellow on the computer division had a special interest, to install computer software, download, Internet and other technologies, he nothing is fine. September 2001, he was admitted to Henan University of Technology, outgoing personality that he soon found himself at the university's position, especially familiar with the computer, making him a primary and secondary students to famous "computer." This undoubtedly made him feel "Gone with the Wind," and even feel "omnipotent."

Suddenly one day, a teacher found him and asked him if he would not do websites, yellow dumbfounded under this division, though he is through in terms of hardware, can make the site thing has never come into contact with, looking at teacher disappointed to leave, he decided he must learn how to do websites. Great look semester, all the bubbles of his spare time to the library, find the book from the computer knowledge to do the site bit by bit and soon mastered the basics of Web site production technology. In order to hand at first to help his students to do personal home page, accumulate much more experience, they try to imitate a professional website, make the first website when he told the students he doing, the students were surprised : "No! do you do?

Do site Laode pot of gold

"One day, a classmate pulled him in front of a company's boss," This is my classmate Huang division, you can do to help your company website. "40-year-old boss who is very happy and said if it is done, reward certainly indispensable.

At this point, Wong has spent the entire division, although their website has the experience to do, I did not expect so soon into "combat", can not help some hesitation, to do or not? Compensation can be done can be bad if they do, live up to the students how to do their own trust? After all, a novice with an aggressive, he firmly promised down: "What am I afraid, ah, not done well again to do pictures." So he took the life of the first true business, has earned him The first reward.

See that the money was so easy, yellow heart of the division, if it could have been to do so can earn a lot of money is not it? Next, the school summer holidays, he gave up a relaxing holiday and the family and the opportunity to choose to stay in Zhengzhou to help enterprises make websites, is what this summer after him in further and further along the road to a good start.

Have their own website

2003 Nianxia semester, a pre-school found the yellow division, asked him to help make Web site.

When he dedicated website within one week to do a good job, the principal of the school after reading this very happy to find any details of the website are designed to be in place, psyche appreciated the students, can not help but said: "You Light to others do site, how do they start, do your own website? "

President's Message is getting the division began to reconsider his future. High school, he read the Tsinghua University student Qiu Hongyun and his music company, as the U.S. business story, and lit the torch of Qiu Hongyun business students left a deep impression. He knows it means for their business challenges. After market research, he founded the "Dance Site" come out, only one month to recover all operating costs, and has a large and stable customer base, achieved the original venture capital accumulation.

However, as the cause of an IT person full of passion, yellow is not satisfied with the division of this little success, to establish a more professional portal, can there be sustainability. After many research, he and several like-minded friends, began to design joint venture, "Yu-business network", and was officially registered in the company earlier this year. Taking into account the weak sense of Henan many businesses network, and thus missed many opportunities, he was the beginning of integration in Jianzhan a lot of social resources, free of charge to businesses to provide business news and product release can be considered a return to society.

Part time employees invariably

Huang division know as a college student's difficult to separate business, the company just a creation, he decided to give priority to recruit staff in recruiting university graduates. His idea was strongly opposed to a few shareholders: "Let not the slightest experience of university students to companies, first of all enterprises have to train them, but also bear the risk of students quit, which the company too risky!"

Huang division do not think so, he said: "The students just out of doing things and full of energy, can be difficult to make it difficult for them to display their employment talent and help more students, not only eased the employment pressure on the increasingly tense, but also allow university students The as. "He persuaded other shareholders to recruit a dozen university graduates, and now this team all the young, looks very energetic. He will lead this team to bigger sites to meet new challenges.

The Editor

No matter what kind of jobs held by the mentality of self-employment venture is bound to the orientation of future college students. However, the current situation in Henan, the students choose their own businesses in the total university graduates is still small. This is not only the students themselves understand the issues, but also lack of experience, financial and social support and the underlying causes. How to take measures to guide more college graduates embark on the road of their own businesses, ease employment pressure is one of the key points.

His former boss, to have a certain capital, the accumulation of experience.

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