Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MS Proxy Usage (2)

Note the log records

Because the Web proxy as a sub-WWW Server service is running, you can turn off all the WWW to Web Proxy log and record all the connection information. Allow WWW record is redundant and will only unnecessarily consume hard disk space.

Speaking of hard disk space, note that when many people visit the Proxy Server, the log file will grow to very large size. This will result in each buffer from the Internet or create a record return of the object. WEB page can contain 5, 10 or more objects. Each visit a page like this will build a large number of log records. Worse, some customers receive an error in their data requests, will once again issued the same order, which will make the log files become very large. A better approach is to retain only a small part of the need to log the time, and you need to keep that part of the archive, if the hard disk where the log full of children, Proxy Server may stop operating.

Maintain a log will ensure that you as a webmaster for your company maintain a highly reliable environment. No log, the user may make your network Internet access to a halt, but you never know who or how cause this problem.

Database records

If you can access such as SQL Server or Access database engine, you can use the ODBC driver to make Proxy Server database engine to connect with those same log records. Records to the library's advantage is that data in a form easy to use and more compact way to store.

After the Proxy Server when installed, it will prompt you to install the ODBC driver. ACCESS interface with SQL and ODBC drivers available in conjunction with the Proxy Server. If the ODBC driver is already installed on your NT Server, and will no longer need to reinstall them. ODBC operates in a common format, the same is not against a number of software (except for its designed purpose-built database interface). ODBC is designed as a generic interface methods, so that applications can use it to open a database to read and write data, without knowing the data format of a specific database engine. Application can call the ODBC driver, ODBC drivers know how to use the database engine to execute the request for action.

Preparing the database

If you are prepared to use a database to record information on Proxy Server, the first thing to do is to prepare the database file to store data. Can be done through the database itself. This is a very simple way, building a file, set a good field, leave enough length to preserve any possible data.

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